A coach is responsible for training a team of sports players, and depending on the circumstances, recruiting new members to the team as well. Coaches can be found both in professional and amateur sports, though their role differs slightly in both fields. Coaches of school and college teams are usually considered to be the head of the team as well, while in the professional world that role goes to the team’s manager, with the coach being their closest assistant. The team’s performance is attributed directly to the performance of their coach, and his/her duties include anything from preparing the team physically, to helping them develop a solid strategy.

Becoming a coach usually involves having a background in the particular sport. It’s possible to find coaches who’ve started the job without much prior experience with the sport at hand, though it’s rare and usually related to low-class teams. A coach must have near-perfect people skills, and be able to communicate criticism very strongly, yet in a motivating way. The coach must also be able to hold a stern attitude and act as a figure of respect to the team.

Coaches of amateur teams tend to be paid relatively low, with the annual salary going between $24,000 and $41,000. Those who’re coaching in more prestigious schools and colleges normally receive higher salaries accordingly, though they rarely manage to go over $50,000. On the other hand, professional coaches employed by serious teams can easily earn over $100,000 a year, provided the team’s performance improves noticeably during the course of the coach’s employment.