Fitness workers are employed by gyms and other places that provide a physical training service, and work as assistants and instructors to the clients of the establishment. A fitness trainer will observe all the visitors, trying to spot someone who’s in need of assistance (i.e., a person performing an exercise in a wrong way), and offer to help them. Sometimes, fitness workers will be personally assigned to a specific client as their instructors, if the gym offers such a program to their clients.

To become a fitness worker, one doesn’t need a higher degree of education. Knowledge about the human body, physique and intricate knowledge in dieting are of great benefit to candidates – the more a person knows about building a solid, healthy body, the higher their chances of getting hired as a fitness worker. Additionally, most establishments prefer to hire people with good-looking bodies, as this is seen as a demonstration of one’s knowledge – a client is naturally less likely to trust an instructor who’s out of shape yet trying to explain how to get fit.

A fitness worker can earn between $41,000 – $62,000 a year, depending on their place of employment and experience. Those who work with private clients on a regular basis can usually secure higher payments, especially when they manage to build up an ongoing relationship with a customer. In some cases, fitness workers become highly valued and can secure even higher pay rates.