Football players are athletes who play football professionally. It should be noted that while some parts of the world use the word “football” to describe soccer, actual football refers to the American version of the sport. Football players have various duties outside of the field, such as attending regular practice sessions, memorizing complex attack/defense patterns, and keeping themselves in peak physical and mental shape in order to be able to provide a perfect performance on the field.

To become a football player, one must usually display interest in the sport from an early age, in order to attract the attention of a professional coach. It’s not common for players to jump straight into the high-ranking teams, and one must usually go through a series of low-grade teams in order to build up experience and fame, which are the precursors to high-paying jobs in top tier teams. Naturally, anyone wishing to be noticed by a coach must not only be good at the game, but also have good physical skills and be in a fit shape even before getting hired.

It’s hard to determine an average annual salary for football players, as their pay rate tends to vary greatly depending on their skill and the team that employs them. For example, low-ranking amateur teams can hardly pay more than $40,000 a year to their players, while some famous professionals earn over $1 million annually. It takes long, hard years of dedication to attain such high pay rates, though most footballers see the effort as entirely justified.