A hockey player is a professional sports player who practices the game of hockey as a way of life. Hockey players tend to be highly renowned in some areas of the world, where hockey is popular in general – while some other places tend to completely ignore the major leagues and the sport as a whole. A hockey player would normally choose to specialize in a particular role on the field, such as attacking or defending, or perhaps guarding the goal – all of those require different styles of practice, in addition to the general practice sessions with one’s team.

Becoming a hockey player is similar to the process behind most other sports – a player must usually demonstrate interest in the sport from an early age, playing in amateur teams and going to as many games as possible. It’s not rare for hockey players to start being active in the sport at a later point, such as university, but the sooner one starts, the better they could become in the long run, in general. The life of a hockey player can be somewhat difficult, with all the rigorous training routines involved.

It’s not very easy to specify an exact salary for a hockey player. The situation is similar as with other types of professional sports players – it depends entirely on what club the player is in and how well they perform on the field. A player from a low-ranking club can earn between $40,000 – $60,000 a year in general, while those who rank in the top teams can easily look up to a salary of over $1 million every year.