A personal trainer may work for a gym or privately with a client, providing them with direct assistance in their training in order to ensure that their clients get the most out of their training routines and endeavors. Usually, a personal trainer would start by developing a specific program for their clients, using exercises that can help the client’s particular and unique needs. Afterwards, the personal trainer also develops a diet routine for that client, in order to balance their calorie intake and expenditure – and after that they simply oversee the whole process to ensure it’s being followed correctly.

Becoming a personal trainer is mostly about one’s own success more than anything else. In order for a personal trainer to be respected and listened to, they need to have succeeded getting into shape on their own, and must have a fit body and confident personality. Additionally, a good personal trainer should be experienced with various types of diets and exercise routines, in order to be able to provide a more complete service.

As a personal trainer, the average salary one can realize per year goes between $23,000 – $48,000. The job is seen as a very rewarding one by most who practice it, and some aspects associated with it can also be very beneficial to personal trainers – for example, the general lifestyle associated with being a personal trainer, as well as the access to various services personal trainers receive and enjoy throughout their employment.