A correctional treatment specialist works with inmates, either imprisoned or released on probation, providing them with assistance in order to help them regain their freedom more quickly. The correctional treatment specialist (also known as a probation officer) is assigned inmates on a case basis, and works closely with them in order to explain their options in the best way possible. When working with inmates on probation, the officer is directly responsible for their behavior outside of prison, and thus must be able to provide them with a proper rehabilitation program and strong assistance.

Becoming a correctional treatment specialist isn’t difficult, but the job itself can be very demanding and this has lead to a high turnover rate. A good correctional treatment specialist must have a strong character and personality, and the ability to understand and relate to others’ problems. Additionally, prior experience with the juridical system is beneficial to correctional treatment specialists, and it’s not rare for them to come from backgrounds in law enforcement.

Correctional treatment specialists are on the lower end of the payscale when it comes to law enforcement personnel, and the annual salary for the job goes between $26,000 – $65,000. The reason for the large difference is that some states offer a noticeably lower salary for their correctional treatment specialists, while some others on the other hand offer some very attractive compensation plans, including good and frequent bonuses. Generally, one should do a bit of research related to their local pay rates for the position before vouching for it.