A mail processing machine operator works a similar job to a regular mail processor, though his/her duties are more directly concerned with the operation of the mail processing machine. Typically, a mail processing machine operator would load and unload the machine, configure its different elements for a smooth operation, and fix any errors that arise in the course of its operation. It’s essential for a mail processing machine operator to stay well-coordinated with the other mail processing workers, in order to avoid jams in the machine or any potential incidents.

Getting hired as a mail processing machine operator isn’t difficult and mostly requires a good ability to work with machines, and a swift pair of hands. Prior working experience in the mail sector can be beneficial though isn’t usually required – it can, however, help candidates better understand the procedures involved in the sorting and analyzing of the incoming mail, and therefore perform the job better straight from the go.

The operator of a mail processing machine can earn between $21,000 – $41,000 a year, with the primary influencing factor being the place of employment. Some mail services tend to offer great compensation programs for their employees, particularly those working on the machines – while in other cases, the salary can be quite low with little next to none bonuses available, as well as long working hours that lack flexibility. It’s mostly about choice of location if one’s looking for a sufficiently high salary from this position.