A museum technician, as the title implies, is hired by a museum for various tasks related to the technical organization of the exhibits in the museum. The museum technician will typically be responsible for arranging the items that the museum holds, as well as analyzing information related to those items, which can then be used for the museum’s archive of for other purposes. Museum technicians will sometimes be tasked with identifying an artifact or another item of importance, and may be required to restore items to a previous state as best as possible.

Getting a job as a museum technician isn’t very difficult, though it can require some high educational qualifications in some cases, especially when applying for a high-ranking museum. In some cases, a degree in archeology may be required, and some museums may require previous working experience in other, lower-ranked museums. Due to the low geographical frequency of museums, this can make getting a job in these cases a very difficult and challenging task.

As a museum technician, one can expect a salary of between $28,000 – $48,000. Most museums tend to compensate their technicians very well for their effort, and in cases where extra workloads are involved, the technician tasked with that work can expect a much higher salary. Most prestigious museums compensate their technicians far higher than the industry average as well, though these are exceptional cases mostly related to high-profile positions.