The job of a policeman is to serve and protect the public, as it’s officially described in most jurisdictions. Policemen are tasked with resolving any disputes that may arise between civilians and ensuring that the peace and order are maintained in their area of operation. A policeman would commonly have to respond to distress calls and assist citizens who’re being troubled by criminals, as well as engage in pursuits with offenders who’re attempting to flee. Policemen may also be required to provide assistance to citizens in extraordinary situations, such as evacuation procedures.

Getting a job as a policeman can be done in two ways – either becoming a volunteer or going through an academy. The first option puts candidates in the lowest rank possible, and it usually takes a lot of practice and dedication to build up proper credit in the force. On the other hand, policemen with academy education can usually start out higher in the ladder since they’re more knowledgeable and experienced. A policeman must be physically and mentally fit, and be capable of fighting both unarmed and with a variety of cold weapons and firearms.

A policeman’s salary can be quite varied depending on the rank and location of employment of the officer, but in most cases it varies between $35,000 – $55,000. The job tends to offer good health bonuses and other benefits, as well as flexible working hours which can be adjusted quite well by the officer, especially those at higher ranks who’ve got more privileges in general.