The job of a postal service clerk is to work with the mail and packages going through a postal office, sorting them and ensuring they’re all delivered to the according parts of the office correctly. Additionally, postal service clerks may perform other duties like checking packages and letters for suspicious content, sorting some of the packages that require further storage according to various characteristics, as well as providing any other basic services that may be needed by the employees of that post office.

Postal service clerks don’t have any specific educational requirements for their job, so getting hired as one can be pretty easy in most cases – the most common things required are a fast pace of work and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. A good postal service clerk must have a keen eye for irregularities in small texts and graphics (like the writings on letters and their stamps), and be able to sort through their incoming mail very quickly in the busier hours when the workload is heavier on all employees.

A postal service clerk’s salary ranges between $40,000 – $53,000 per year. While the numbers may seem pretty good for a clerk position, it should be noted that the job can be very demanding and stressful in periods of heavy workloads, and doesn’t offer enough compensation in those times, according to most accounts. Plus, it’s not very flexible in terms of working hours and other conditions, further making it a less-than-attractive choice.