A postal service mail carrier works for a post office, taking care of the delivery of the mail that goes through that office. The mail carrier would commonly be tasked with transporting large amounts of mail from one section of the post office to another, organizing the mail between different sections, as well as performing delivery work in some cases (e.g. working as a postman as well). Postal service mail carriers may also drive trucks or other vehicles with which they transport mail over longer distances, such as between different post offices.

There aren’t any specific educational requirements related to being a postal service mail carrier, and the job can be obtained with only a high school degree in most cases. In cases where the position also involves driving a vehicle, a driver’s license would be required, understandably. Additionally, a fast pace of work and the ability to handle different tasks simultaneously can definitely benefit postal service mail carriers, as the job tends to become hectic at times and imposes a lot of demands on its practitioners.

As a mail carrier for a postal service, one can earn a rather low salary of between $20,000 – $26,000. The job is mostly related to manual labor and doesn’t hold any significant prospects for further career development or offer any good benefits and bonuses, but it can still be a good auxiliary source of income, and many people utilize it exactly for this purpose, making it a still somewhat attractive choice.