A postal service mail sorter is hired by any post office and they work in the main incoming mail room, taking care of the basic sorting process with the help of clerks and other workers. Typically, the postal service mail sorter would have to take the incoming mail, go through it and sort it in specific places depending on a variety of factors. Additionally, postal service mail sorters may be required to file mail for returning when it’s been incorrectly submitted, e.g. lacking proper stamps or having an illegible address.

The educational requirements for a postal service mail sorter basically boil down to literacy, in order to be able to go through the mail and read the labels. Other than that, it doesn’t require anything specific from those who practice it and it’s not difficult to get hired as one – in most cases, postal service mail sorters find their jobs with just a high school diploma. In some cases, it can offer good prospects for further development of one’s career, especially when continuing to work in the same post office.

The mail sorter at a postal service can earn a salary of between $26,000 – $45,000, depending mainly on their place of employment. Workload doesn’t seem to pay a large role in determining the salary of employees, as it tends to stay mostly the same in all cases. However, postal service mail sorters have good prospects for advancing on their position and attaining more favorable employment, typically with better bonuses attached to it as well as better working hours.