A probation officer is a type of police officer responsible for the supervision of an offender released on probation. Typically, the probation officer would have to ensure that the offenders under their supervision do not commit any crimes during their probation period, and are making some efforts towards improving their lifestyles and becoming regular citizens. A probation office would usually conduct regularly scheduled meetings with their assigned offenders, in order to keep checking up on them and ensuring they’re still in line.

Becoming a probation officer usually requires a background in law enforcement. In some cases the job can be attained straight out of police academy, though it’s not a very popular choice as most people choose to try the regular policeman’s job first. Most probation officers are experienced in chasing criminals, as the probation officer is required to arrest and return an offender who’s gone missing during their probation period. Physical and mental fitness, as well as a firearms license are some of the more basic requirements for the job.

Probation officers are typically paid slightly higher than the police officers in their respective area, which can serve to make the job a more attractive choice of the two – in general, the salary for a probation officer would be between $32,000 – $48,000. The job has great working hours and other conditions attached to it, and it also comes with good health benefits which can serve to make it an even better choice than working for the police.