A revenue agent is hired to conduct an investigation or audit on federal income tax returns, with the purpose of verifying a company or individual’s liability for taxes. The job involves examining various tax returns to figure out their nature, as well as the extent to which the audits need to be performed. Additionally, revenue agents may analyze accounting books and records, trying to figure out how appropriate the accounting methods used were, and whether they qualify for the taxes stated by the company.

Getting hired as a revenue agent isn’t difficult – a Bachelor’s degree in any field related to finances, such as economics or business administration can be used for getting the job, and the specific demands attached to the job itself aren’t that high either – according to most accounts, the job is very easy-going for the most part provided the person has proper experience behind them, and offers a good source of income for its demands.

Revenue agents earn $32,000 – $58,000 on average, and the job offers some very attractive benefits attached to it due to its specific nature. Furthermore, revenue agents tend to enjoy very attractive working hours, which are often flexible as much as one may need to feel comfortable on the position. On the other hand, the career development prospects for revenue agents don’t tend to shine as brightly when compared to some other jobs, and the job seems to have been receiving less and less newcomers over the last few years.