Traffic policemen are types of police officers who work on the roads, maintaining the traffic in order. A traffic policeman is typically responsible for keeping an eye out for speeding drivers, as well as ones who’re disobeying traffic rules in general. Traffic policemen don’t always work directly on the road, in some cases they may be hired to watch a monitor or another device. A traffic policeman is also summoned in the event of an emergency when a traffic light goes out and the traffic needs to be regulated manually.

Becoming a traffic policeman isn’t difficult, as it’s actually among the lowest-ranking positions within the law enforcement hierarchy. A good traffic policeman must be well-aware of all laws and regulations related to vehicle traffic, and stay observant and alert for anyone breaking the law. Additionally, traffic policemen usually need to be excellent drivers as well, in order to be able to detain suspects in cases where they need to be chased in a vehicle.

As a traffic policeman, one usually stands to earn $20,000 – $40,000 a year. It’s not common for the job to pay a high salary, due to the aforementioned fact that the job is a low-ranking one in police forces in general. One additional aspect of a traffic policeman’s job that can make it an unattractive choice is the lack of flexibility in its working hours, and the frequent health hazards officers are exposed to – though these are valid for any policeman’s job in general, of course.