A water plant operator works at a water treatment plant, where they operate the various machines used to clear the water and prepare it to make it fit for drinking. The job involves taking care of various machines, motors and other kinds of equipment involved in the plant’s work. Water plant operators are also responsible for adding various important chemicals into the mixture for purifying the water – with the precise chemicals used varying from company to company, though they most commonly include chlorine and other similar substances.

To get hired as a water plant operator, it usually only takes a high school diploma – though the job may have some additional qualificational requirements, such as previous working experience in a plant, intricate knowledge of the procedures involved on a typical water treatment plant’s operations, as well as (in some rare cases), a degree related to the job. It should be noted that degrees are usually only required for the high-ranking positions within the plants, though.

As a water plant operator, the salary one can realize typically ranges between $24,000 – $55,000. Water plant operators tend to see good prospects for advancing their careers later on, as the job gives numerous extra perks and bonuses to those who practice it well – though on the other hand, it can also be demanding and exhausting, and pose various health hazards to those who practice it. This, however, has lead to a good level of healthcare bonuses being paid out to water plant operators.