A Cardiothoracic surgeon, also known as a cardiovascular surgeon or simply a cardiac surgeon, is a physician who specializes in operating on the heart, as well as the major blood vessels located in the chest. A cardiac surgeon’s job is usually more demanding than that of other surgeons, as the procedures involved in operating on a heart are noticeably more complicated than others, and usually take more time in addition to their high degree of difficulty. It’s not unusual for a cardiac surgeon to remain at work long after their regular shift is over, in order to complete a delicate operation successfully.

A cardiac surgeon’s position is one of the most demanding medical-related ones, and, alongside brain surgeons, cardiac surgeons have to work the most to attain their qualifications. The standard medical education procedures apply here, with the candidate first having to undergo four years of specialized medical training following their Bachelor’s degree, and afterwards spend an additional number of years as an intern and training for the specifics of their job. The difficulties in attaining the qualifications for the job have lead to a decrease in its overall prevalence lately, and as a result the demand has grown greatly.

A cardiac surgeon is one of the best-paid jobs in the medical sector, with the annual salaries ranging from $160,000 to $450,000. The high compensation is dictated by the delicacy and critical aspect of the operations a cardiac surgeon is performing. Experienced cardiac surgeons are highly demanded and are usually offered some very attractive rates of compensation.