Chiropractors are a type of alternative medicine practitioners who specialize in treating conditions in the muscle and bone structure of the body, mainly through approaching the problem from the nervous system. A chiropractor will first assess their patients’ problems using a wide array of tools and procedures, from skeletal imaging to different types of neurological examinations. Afterwards, the chiropractor recommends a course of treatment to the patient and often applies it personally. The most commonly used technique by chiropractors is called spine alignment, and as the name implies, involves manipulation of the spinal cord to improve the functionality of other organs.

While chiropractors aren’t technically physicians, their practice is still controlled and must be properly licensed. Several colleges offer specialized courses for chiropractors, and successful completion of such a college awards the title “Doctor of Chiropractic” – which, while coming with some of the privileges and benefits of a regular physician’s license, is still not fully equivalent to one. Obtaining a license may involve additional tests as well, such as testing the candidate’s general knowledge in science.

Compared to regular physicians, chiropractors don’t earn that much – the median salary for 2009 was $53,000, and the average annual earnings range from $44,000 to $84,000. Chiropractors working in rehabilitation centers can normally earn more than their colleagues who’re working on a self-employed basis, and this position actually offers the best prospects for career development in chiropractors. Additionally, the number of certificates possessed by the practitioner can influence their pay rate to a great extent.