A colorectal surgeon is a physician who specializes in invasive procedures in the colon and rectal areas, as well as general operations on the digestive tract. A colorectal surgeon’s duties are very close to those of other surgeons – the physician must first assess the patient’s condition, taking into account their medical history and the results of various examinations, and then perform surgery on them if it’s deemed necessary by the examination. Even though a colorectal surgeon specializes in operations on the digestive tract, their job sometimes requires them to operate on some organs positioned close to the colon.

Becoming a colorectal surgeon requires candidates to undergo an extensive course of studies – the job of a surgeon is typically the most demanding in the medical field, and involves the highest number of years required to obtain a certification. In addition to the standard requirements for going through medical school and an internship, potential surgeons must also practice for a set number of years under the supervision of established surgeons, until they’re deemed suitable for performing operations themselves.

Colorectal surgeons, like most other types of surgeons, receive very good payment for their job, with the annual rate going around $163,000 in the lowest cases, and up to $270,000 for more successful surgeons. Similarly to other medicine-related jobs, the amount of experience determines the salary to a large extent, and skilled colorectal surgeons are usually highly demanded and well-compensated. The prospects for employment are always great, as demands are constantly high in today’s market.