A dental laboratory technician works at a dental laboratory, preparing various chemicals and products to be used by dentists. It should be noted that a dental laboratory technician is usually a completely separate entity from any dentists they may be associated with, as they tend to work at their own locations. That said, dental technicians frequently work close to specific dentists, sharing each other’s clients and providing assistance. Dental laboratory technicians are responsible for the manufacturing of items like dentures and artificial teeth, and usually work close with their patients in order to take their measurements and other important details.

It’s noticeably easier to become a dental laboratory technician than it is for dentists, as candidates just need a high school diploma in most cases. A Bachelor’s degree in some subjects (like art and ceramics) can be of benefit, though aren’t strictly required, as most of the skills related to the job are attained during employment and can be learned from more experienced technicians. This has made the job of a dental laboratory technician a very attractive one in recent times.

Dental laboratory technicians earn between $27,000 – $45,000 a year, mainly influenced by the quality of their work. It’s not rare for dentists to become adjusted to the work produced by a particular dental technician and work with them on a more or less permanent basis, ensuring a steady flow of income for the technician. Experienced technicians who’re able to produce flawless work can earn higher, between $47,000 – $54,000 annually.