An ENT surgeon is a physician who specializes in invasive surgical procedures in the area of the ears, nose and throat, as well as the general area around the head and neck. ENT specialists frequently deal with problems such as infections of the throat passages, nosebleeding, as well as various disorders affecting the oral cavity. It’s not rare for ENT surgeons to practice their job in a more of a diagnostic manner as well, providing patients with information on how to best proceed with their treatment.

The path to becoming an ENT surgeon is similar to that most other surgeons take, and involves completing medical school followed by specialized surgical training. In most cases, the duration for the specialized surgical training by itself is around five years, though this may vary according to the location. It should be noted that some higher educational institutions do not require a Master’s degree from candidates willing to join, so it’s advisable to perform some extensive research about the particular requirements of a given university or medical school.

An ENT surgeon has a great earning potential, especially when it’s taken into consideration that the complexity of their job tends to be slightly lower than that of other surgeons’. The annual salary for an ENT surgeon goes between $290,000 – $370,000, and some of the most experienced professionals are able to secure a $400,000 and upwards annual salary, though this requires lots of years of practice and a solid reputation. The development potential for the job is quite large as well.