A gastroenterologist is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of problems with the digestive system. This can include various organs and areas of the body, such as the stomach, digestive tract, liver, stomach and kidneys, as well as the bladder. A gastroenterologist works similarly to other doctors, diagnosing the patient’s problem and prescribing an appropriate treatment course to ensure the speedy removal of their condition. Gastroenterologists frequently work alongside other physicians, and may even have their own team of doctors and nurses to provide them with assistance in the more complicated operations.

The educational course for a gastroenterologist is similar to that of other physicians – one must first complete a Bachelor’s degree, after which they must attend medical school and complete a medicinal residency (which normally lasts three years, though it can be slightly longer in some cases, depending on one’s location). Afterwards, a gastroenterologist will commonly broaden their expertise by attending extra training courses and fellowships.

Gastroenterologists are highly paid, similarly to other physicians. The average annual salary goes between $251,000 – $398,000, and even newcomers to the field can easily secure salaries in the middle of that range without much effort. However, the high pay rate owes to the fact that gastroenterologists are frequently involved in some complicated procedures that require a lot of knowledge and effort, and may require them to work extra hours on a regular basis.