An internist is a type of physician who specializes in working on problems related to the body’s internal organs. They most commonly work at hospitals, clinics and other health institutions, and less frequently on a private basis. An internist performs their job similarly to other physicians, beginning with a diagnosis of the problem and prescribing appropriate treatment to the patient. The job of an internist involves using a variety of tools and instruments and requires a lot of practical knowledge with all of them.

To become an internist, one must take the standard path for physicians – going through medical school, specializing and obtaining a license. The demand for the job has slightly gone down lately, as the conditions associated with it have deteriorated a bit – it’s not uncommon for internists to be called at very inconvenient hours, and the pay rate in some areas has decreased noticeably over the last few years, further making the job a rather unattractive choice for many people.

Being a job in the medical sector, the job of an internist pays remarkably well and this is one of the factors that contribute to its popularity, contrary to the above. The annual salary for internists varies between $121,000 – $168,000 and the job offers some good prospects for further development of the career, especially in some areas. However, the long working hours and the infrequency of calls can turn away most candidates easily.