A licensed vocational nurse works for a hospital, clinic or another health institution and provides care and treatment for patients under the supervision of doctors and physicians. The job is pretty much the same as that of a licensed practical nurse, the only difference being in the qualifications of both types of jobs, though the specific duties are more or less the same in both cases. The nurse is commonly tasked with helping patients move around the hospital, helping them bathe, as well as serving their food and cleaning up around them.

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Becoming a licensed vocational nurse involves going through an educational course which ends with a license being issued. The license allows the nurse to practice only in areas that recognize LVN as an occupation – for other states, becoming a licensed practical nurse may be required in order to be recognized by the authorities. Good physical and mental health are important, and candidates must have a kind, caring nature, always ready to respond to a patient’s needs.

A licensed vocational nurse earns more or less the same as a licensed practical nurse – between $30,000 – $43,000 a year. As is the case with practical nurses, the salary can be greatly influenced by additional income provided for performing side tasks, such as working with patients outside the hospital for example. Additionally, the job commonly has flexible working hours and an easy-going nature, stimulating factors for some people that have lead to a great increase in the demand on the job market.