A medical equipment repairman can work at hospitals, clinics and other healthcare institutions, or on a freelance basis, and provides maintenance and repair services specifically aimed at medical equipment. The job typically involves repairing complex machinery found in medical laboratories, as well as simple devices such as blood pressure readers. It can be a slightly more complicated job than that of a traditional electronics repairman, due to the specific nature of medical equipment and its inherent complexity and precise nature.

Finding employment as a medical equipment repairman can be somewhat difficult depending on one’s qualifications – unlike most other electronic and mechanical repairman jobs, this one requires a bit of prior working experience in order to qualify for practicing it in most cases. Many clinics would require at least several years of experience working with electronics, and in some cases even a degree related to the field (though in those cases the salary goes substantially higher as well).

A medical equipment repairman typically earns more than a regular repairman for the reasons outlined above. The average salary for the job is between $31,000 – $59,000, and those who work off-site and are called directly into the hospitals or clinics tend to earn considerably more. In some cases, the medical equipment repairman may also work from within their own shop, additionally paying for the transportation of the equipment between places, and charging for it accordingly.