A naturopathic doctor is a type of physician who concentrates on using natural treatment methods and remedies for helping their patients. The job of a naturopathic doctor typically involves using water, air, light, herbs and spices, as well as various other natural therapy methods (in some cases even more extreme ones such as acupuncture) in order to create wholesome and productive treatment courses. The job of a naturopathic doctor can be made challenging by the somewhat untrusting attitude many people have towards their practices.

Working as a naturopathic doctor doesn’t actually require a degree in medicine in most cases, which is the primary reason for most people’s concerns. However, it does require a license in most states, and that license requires knowledge of various aspects of the human health and body, as well as general healthcare practices (not just ones related to natural and traditional medicine in particular). Naturopathic doctors rarely work in hospitals and clinics and more commonly provide their services from their own offices or even homes.

A naturopathic doctor earns between $45,000 – $100,000 a year. The salary is noticeably lower than that of a regular physician, and that’s understandable considering the differences in both jobs. Still, most successful naturopathics are able to secure a good income for themselves, and even those who’re just starting out and are struggling to stand on their own two feet on the job market can still earn a satisfying salary.