A nephrologist is a type of physician who tightly specializes in diseases and conditions related to the human kidneys. The job involves the typical duties of a physician – examining the patient and evaluating their condition, determining any underlying health problems, and prescribing an appropriate course of treatment. In some cases, the nephrologist may take part in the treatment process as well, depending on their specialization and the condition of the patient. In most cases though, the nephrologist is only limited to prescribing treatment.

Nephrology courses are offered as a specialization at most medical schools, and require candidates to have completed a basic course in medicine first. Apart from the specific details related to nephrology, the study process is similar to that for other types of physicians and is quite complicated and demanding – but also rewarding, with regards to the employment opportunities given to a nephrologist. The job is in high demand in a variety of locations and most places offer good conditions as well.

Nephrologists are compensated moderately well among physicians, with an annual salary of between $140,000 – $215,000 being the most common. The specific duties that the job of a nephrologist involves can make it a very highly demanded position in some places, and some hospitals are willing to pay substantially high salaries to good neprhologists – and in general, the job market enjoyed by practitioners of the job is very attractive and rewarding.