A neurosurgeon is a type of physician who specializes in surgical interventions on the nervous system. The job duties of a neurosurgeon include treating problems with the head and brain, the spine, and the nervous system in general. It’s frequent for a neurosurgeon to operate on a person’s head, as the brain is a common source of problems for the nervous system and may require a lot of treatment in some cases. The job of a neurosurgeon is normally more complicated than that of a typical surgeon, as the medical knowledge about the brain and nerves doesn’t go as deeply as that of the rest of the body.

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To become a neurosurgeon, one must complete medical school and specialize in neurology, after which they have to take up several years of internship until they’re allowed to actually operate and become a surgeon. The educational path for becoming a neurosurgeon is very demanding in general, but also seen as very rewarding by most who complete it, as the job offers many opportunities for development and professional realization, and is seen as a highly prestigious one.

The salary of a neurosurgeon can vary greatly – in most cases, the annual salary for one is between $165,000 – $470,000. The difference is tremendous and commonly commented by people interested in following this career path, and is mostly attributed to the different duties a neurosurgeon is tasked with when going from hospital to hospital. Furthermore, some neurosurgeons aren’t required to perform the complicated operations others have to go through, which also affects the salary severely.