A nuclear medicine technologist is a person who works at a hospital, clinic or another place where doctors are employed, and provides them with technical assistance in the preparation and examination of some of their patients. Specifically, a nuclear medicine technologist is employed whenever radioactive drugs are used on patients, as well as in cases where the patient needs to be thoroughly examined for the concentration of various chemicals in their system. Both processes are usually supervised by an experienced physician directly, with the technologist providing more basic services.

Even though the job of a nuclear medicine technologist is on a much lower level than that of a regular nuclear medicine physician, it still requires candidates to have undergone medical education courses in order to secure a position in it. Typically, most candidates would have gone through a certification program which is offered at most universities and hospitals. Other options are available as well, though the job can be somewhat demanding to get.

Nuclear medicine technologists earn moderately well, considering the specifications of the job and the demands attached to it. The most typical annual salary ranges between $47,000 – $71,000, and the job additionally has some flexible working hours and other good conditions related to it in most cases, making it a mostly attractive choice for many candidates. One of the downsides of the job is the sometimes high demands from some of the projects nuclear medicine technologists are required to participate in.