A nursing aide provides basic assisting services to the nurses at a hospital or another institution that cares for patients as its service. The duties of a nursing aide typically include the general well-being of patients and their satisfaction with the services provided by the hospital, ensuring their medications reach them in the appropriate times, as well as performing various tests that are required in order to frequently take patients’ measures on a number of factors. Nursing aides may also provide direct assistance to nurses in their duties.

Becoming a nursing aide doesn’t require a high degree of education, understandably, but it does usually take a bit of prior working experience in the same hospital, in order to be familiar with its structure and organization in general. Most nursing aides are typically responsible for the assistance of all the nurses on the floor, but in some cases they may be assigned personally to a particular nurse who needs more frequent assistance in their duties.

As a nursing aide, one can earn between $18,000 – $27,000 a year, depending primarily on their experience and the place of employment. The low wage is in part dictated by the low qualificational requirements for the job, but also by the high availability of candidates for the position in most places. The job is quite popular in some demographics, and this has been multiplied by some of the beneficial factors attached to it in some jurisdictions.