A nursing home administrator is concerned with the management and high-level maintenance of a nursing home or a similar institution designed to provide care and services for senior citizens. The nursing home administrator is normally concerned with the general operations of the nursing home, the management of the employees, as well as the various services used by the nursing home in its operation. Additionally, the nursing home administrator may sometimes have to personally address complaints and issues from the guests of the nursing home.

Getting a job as a nursing home administrator takes a Bachelor’s degree in management, administration or a related field in most cases, and the job can also be obtained by having worked in the particular nursing home for long enough to build up good experience and knowledge of its operations. A good nursing home administrator must be able to address any issues that arise quickly and appropriately, paying equal attention to those that deserve it and treating everyone similarly.

The administrator at a nursing home as a moderately good earning potential, being able to secure a salary of between $74,000 – $81,000 a year. The job isn’t quite a demanding one for the money it earns according to most accounts, though it can require some exhausting routines to be performed by those who practice it, which can offset that to some extent. Additionally, the working hours associated with the job are typically inflexible and thus not very convenient for many peoplel.