A nutritionist is a professional who specializes in eating healthy and generally keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. Nutritionists develop programs which their clients use to either lose weight or get stronger, depending on their needs, and they may personally assist some of their clients in achieving their goals when the situation is more demanding. A nutritionist particularly specializes in healthy diets and the other important factors which comprise a healthy lifestyle in general.

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Becoming a nutritionist is mostly about one’s knowledge about the subject, though there are some colleges and universities which offer slightly relevant degrees. Many nutritionists specialize in additional fields related to health and well-being, such as becoming personal trainers or gym assistants, some even going further to release their own works on the subject. In general, a respected nutritionist would have several years of experience in the field with at least some major contributions to it.

A nutritionist’s job pays moderately well, with an average annual salary of $29,000 – $42,000. The job is seen as quite an opportune one in some places of the world where the demand for nutritionists’ services is quite high and the job enjoys steady popularity and a good flow of clients. In other places, however, it can be a different story and the job doesn’t pay that well as the stream of clients is thin. All in all, it pays to do some research before engaging in this particular career.