Occupational therapist assistants work for occupational therapists, and provide them with high-level assistance, in some cases directly involved in the treatment of patients. The job is a lot more involved than that of an occupational therapist aide, and is usually seen as a more rewarding one as well. Typically, an occupational therapist assistant would perform some of the duties an aide would as well, but they’ll take more part in communicating with the patients as well as coordinating the services related to the business of the therapist.

Becoming an occupational therapist assistant isn’t that difficult, similarly to getting a job as an occupational therapy aide. Some knowledge related to the operation of an occupational therapist’s business is required, as well as the ability to handle large tasks quickly and efficiently. The job can sometimes be quite demanding on the assistants, as it can require dealing with a large number of tasks and clients simultaneously in order to preserve time in the schedule of the occupational therapist him/herself.

The assistant of an occupational therapist earns somewhat better than their aides – in most cases, the salary would range between $33,000 – $56,000, with some perks and bonuses not available to the aides of the occupational therapist by default. The job is also seen as better-paying for the amount of effort involved, when compared to that of an occupational therapist aide. All in all, it’s the better career choice for those who can provide the proper qualifications.