An occupational therapist is a type of mental health specialist who focuses on treating problems preventing their patients from functioning properly on their jobs and performing their everyday tasks correctly. An occupational therapist typically does their job by first assessing the patient’s situation and trying to figure out what bothers them in their current environment, then gradually working to remove all the irritations from the patient’s workplace so that they can perform their job more efficiently without any obstructions. In cases where this is not possible (i.e. the obstructions lie in the core of their job), the therapist would normally recommend a different course of employment.

Getting hired as an occupational therapist takes a degree in psychology, as well as further specialization in treating occupational problems after the initial degree. Usually, some initial practicing as a therapist would be required from most candidates, though that’s not always the case. Some occupational therapists may be hired by particular companies to work on a regular basis.

Occupational therapists earn considerably well, with the median salary for 2009 being $61,000. The job’s average annual salary can go as high as $75,000 in some cases, and furthermore it has some very attractive working hours in some areas, making it one of the most attractive career choices for many people. On the other hand, the bonuses are commonly low, and the aforementioned attractive working hours can sometimes actually be quite inflexible.