An oncologist is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of tumors and related conditions. An oncologist can specialize in various sub-fields of the job, such as being a gynecological oncologist, a pediatric oncologist, radiation oncologist as well as various others. For example, a gynecological oncologist would specialize in tumors that affect the female reproductive organs in particular, while a radiation oncologist uses treatment based on radiation in order to cure tumors, cancers and other formations.

Becoming an oncologist follows the same path that most other physicians take, going through medical school for 4 years and then specializing in the particular field of oncology. In some cases, depending on the particular regulations of the area the oncologist is trying to practice, they may be required to go through various examinations in order to be certified to continue their studies, though again this depends on the local rules in the place the oncologist is wishing to practice.

An oncologist earns quite well, considering it’s a physician type job and high salaries are common there in general – the most common annual salary for an oncologist falls between $150,000 – $235,000, and the job also has some very attractive bonuses attached to it as well, making it an all-around perfect choice for many people wishing to pursue a career in medicine in general. On the other hand, the demands involved in being an oncologist can be truly high at times, and are not to be underestimated.