An ophthalmic laboratory technician works in a ophthalmic laboratory, providing basic technical services. They’re typically involved in the preparation and maintenance of lenses and other products normally developed in ophthalmic laboratories, as well as providing technical assistance to the higher-ranking employees and scientists at the laboratory. In some cases, an ophthalmic laboratory technician may be more closely concerned with some particular types of lenses, such as ones used in weapons, cameras, or scientific equipment.

Most of the skills required to be an ophthalmic laboratory technician are learned on the job, so most labs are easy-going in their hiring policies and are willing to accept most candidates, provided they’ve got enough dexterity and knowledge in working with a variety of electronics and other devices commonly used in the creation of lenses. An ophthalmic lab technician must have the ability to work on very delicate projects that require high levels of precision, and deliver good results consistently.

As an ophthalmic laboratory technician, the average annual salary one can realize is between $19,000 – $32,000 – not very high by most standards, though the job isn’t that demanding either and can be performed mostly with ease for the most part. Since its qualificational requirements are low as well, this further makes the job a popular choice for many people and the market for it actually quite densely populated in some cases.