Opticians are physicians who specialize in providing corrective treatment for the eyes. An optician typically works in an optical pharmacy, where they provide their clients with basic analysis procedures in order to determine the state of their vision, and afterwards recommend appropriate treatment. Opticians may also simply execute prescriptions filled in by the physicians of their customers. Opticians are often concerned not only with the utility aspect of the glasses they sell, but also their appeal and aesthetic value.

Even though a higher degree of education than a high school diploma isn’t usually required for becoming an optician, the job still requires some strong skills in various fields like mathematics and physics. Additionally, some basic knowledge of human anatomy can be very beneficial as well, and previous working experience as an optician can also provide a bonus though it isn’t a strict requirement in most cases, and most pharmacies are willing to hire opticians straight out of high school.

Opticians have a good earning potential, with an annual salary of between $35,000 – $50,000 being the most common. The job doesn’t have the high educational requirements commonly popular for some other jobs in this salary range, which can make it a very attractive choice for some people. Additionally, opticians commonly have good prospects for future career development and the job offers a flexible working scheme and all around good working conditions.