An otolaryngologist is also known as an ENT, which stands for Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon, and is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of problems related to those three parts of the human body. The job of an otolaryngologist can sometimes also include surgery practices as well, especially reconstructive surgery. In general though, it’s mostly performed from an office and includes diagnosis and treatment of smaller problems on a daily basis.

Becoming an otolaryngologist is very challenging – apart from being a physician’s job, it’s also one of the most competitive ones in the employment market and can be extremely difficult to get hired as one, even with the proper qualifications. An otolaryngologist must specialize in medical school as most other physicians, and afterwards undergo additional training related to the job’s specific nature. While it’s a difficult job to get into, it can be very rewarding once hired and certainly an attractive choice for career development in many cases.

As an otolaryngologist, the annual salary a person can secure for themselves is pretty good – in most cases it ranges between $173,000 – $310,000. The job pays as much as some surgical positions even though it doesn’t specialize on that particular aspect of medicine, which can make it a very attractive choice with regards to its earning potential. Additionally, otolaryngologists enjoy good working hours and attractive bonuses as well, all factors which can make the job a very wise choice.