A paramedic is also known as an emergency medical technician, and is a type of worker responsible for providing first aid and transportation to hospitals to people in need of immediate medical attention. This typically involves people who’ve been in an accident or otherwise suffered serious injuries. A paramedic would normally be qualified enough to provide only basic medical assistance and life support techniques, and not complete treatment. Paramedics normally work in teams in order to provide quick transport and assistance to the people in need.

Becoming a paramedic isn’t as demanding as the career path for a regular physician, as the job itself doesn’t require that much knowledge. To get hired as a paramedic, one must normally complete a basic educational course which is offered in various places around the world, which grants them a license to perform the job. In some jurisdictions, paramedics are required to renew their licenses over a set period of time, in order to ensure their capability to cope with difficult situations.

Paramedics don’t earn that much for the amount of work they’re putting in – an annual salary of $23,000 – $43,000 is the most common, and the job can sometimes be extremely stressful on those who practice it, and according to most of them, usually warrants a much higher salary than is offered by most employers. On the other hand, health bonuses and other benefits are commonly good, and the job does have some advantages in its working hours.