A pediatric surgeon is a physician who specializes in invasive surgical procedures on children and in some rare cases infants. The job duties of a pediatric surgeon include assessment of the patient (determining the condition that needs to be treated and what the appropriate procedures to treat it are) and performing the actual operation. In some cases, pediatric surgeons would work alongside general pediatrics who perform the diagnosis procedure and refer patients to the surgeon when a surgery would be required.

Becoming a pediatric surgeon is quite complicated and demanding, though according to most who practice the job, it can also be very rewarding in the end. The educational course is long and involved, and students must usually specialize for several years before being allowed to actually work as surgeons themselves. In the end though, the job offers a lot of potential for career development and advancement, and holds many perks found attractive by those who practice it.

Even for a job in the medical field, the job of a pediatric surgeon earns noticeably a lot. The average annual salary ranges between $250,000 – $340,000, and that doesn’t count the numerous additional perks the job often has. Also, some of the bonuses attached to the job of a pediatric surgeon are exclusive to it even in the medical field, which further serves to make it an attractive choice of profession for people interested in pursuing medical careers.