A personal and home care aide is a worker who’s hired to provide basic personal assistance to people with various disabilities and injuries preventing them from leading their lives as normally. Typically, a personal and home care aide would work with their clients very closely, following them around on their everyday tasks and providing them with all the help they may request – such as opening and closing doors for them, helping them get into their car or even driving them, and helping them with the shopping.

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Becoming a personal and home care aide doesn’t require any specific form of education, though there are some skills closely tied to the job which can only be learned by practicing it, and many companies/private individuals tend to consider those skills very strongly when considering their potential candidates. A good personal and home care aide needs to have a friendly and motivated personality, and the ability to assist their clients in a wide range of problems regardless of the situation.

The average annual salary of a personal and home care aide isn’t that high – ranging between $15,000 – $30,000, the job doesn’t offer that much in terms of financial compensation for those who practice it. On the other hand, it does have some good bonuses attached to it, and it can definitely be a rewarding job for some people, though this aspect of it is mostly subjective and down to one’s personal opinion of the whole picture.