A pharmacist is a person who works in a pharmacy, dispensing medications and filling subscriptions issued by physicians. Pharmacists would most commonly be asked to sell a particular type of medicine, though in some cases they may also be required to mix the medicine on the spot, or submit a request for it when it’s not readily available. The pharmacist must also be able to assist customers in choosing the right medication for their illnesses, and recommend a more appropriate course of treatment when they deem it necessary.

The job of a pharmacist can be very responsible, and thus isn’t very easy to attain – it requires a degree in pharmacology absolutely everywhere, and some pharmacies may even require further qualifications from their candidates, if the job concerns more sensitive types of medicine. The job additionally requires a very strong sense of organization, in order to be able to efficiently access the large inventory of medications and provide the most appropriate ones.

Pharmacists are very well-paid, especially since it’s a position within the medical sector. However, with regards to typical physicians’ salaries, the pay rate for pharmacists isn’t that high – the annual salary ranges between $79,000 – $120,000, and the job’s working hours aren’t very flexible in general. Most of the effort required from pharmacists goes into organizing the inventory and not in the production of medications as one would expect, which can make the job a bit boring and unrewarding.