A physical therapist aide works alongside a physical therapist, and provides them with assistance and other related services in order to speed up and improve their treatment process. The duties of a physical therapist aide usually involve preparing the patients and helping them out with their smaller tasks, as well as organizing the physical therapist’s personal schedule and their appointments with various patients (when this is applicable). Additionally, a physical therapist aide would communicate with the aide’s patients in order to establish a better service in general.

Becoming a physical therapist aide doesn’t require a high degree of education in the majority of cases – the job can be performed without any prior experience either, with most of the important skills required for practicing it being taught in the course of employment. Most physical therapist aides are able to progress to fully fledged physical therapists afterwards, with an appropriate educational course.

A physical therapist aide’s salary can range between $18,000 – $25,000 a year. The job doesn’t pay much at all, and the low salary is commonly associated with the small amount of duties a physical therapist aide typically has. In most cases, even though the job offers a good potential for further development, it still isn’t seen as a good enough job for constant practice and can be a very unattractive choice for some people.