A physical therapist is a type of physician who works with patients suffering from an injury or recovering from one, as well as patients recovering from the effects of an operation. Physical therapists may also work with disabled patients, in order to help them improve particular aspects of their physique in order to compensate for their disabilities to whatever extent possible. A physical therapist does their job by helping patients perform exercises and accomplish various tasks in their everyday lives, as well as give them basic assistance in other ways.

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Physical therapy is a subject taught in most universities, and actually a very serious and demanding one. A Bachelor’s degree may be enough to get the job in most cases, but some hospitals may require their candidates to have a Master’s degree in the subject in order to qualify for a more refined position that has better adjusted hours and other conditions. A physical therapist must have a lot of experience and knowledge related to human health and the treatment of common problems.

The job of a physical therapist is a moderately well-paying one, with an annual salary of between $58,000 – $76,000 being the most common. The job doesn’t have a lot of flexibility in its working hours, and the working conditions can additionally be demanding and uncomfortable for many people, but the job still has some benefits associated with it which are seen as highly attractive by many people and drive the interest in the job up in general.