A physician is a general term used to describe professionals working in the medical field. Physicians typically work in hospitals and clinics, though some may also work on their own or for private clients. The types of duties a physician may be tasked with can vary a lot depending on their particular specialization – in some cases, a physician would only be responsible for diagnosis and basic treatment of diseases, while some other physicians practice complete invasive procedures and surgery.

Getting a job as a physician can be very difficult, depending on the particular specialization one is after. Normally, education begins with a Bachelor’s degree in a range of fields, after which candidates need to go through medical school and complete it successfully. Afterwards, some types of physician jobs require specializing further for a set number of years in order to fully graduate and become qualified to practice as a physician in one’s chosen field. Typically, surgeons have the longest and most demanding education of all types of physicians.

Being a physician is very rewarding, though the specific salary one can earn isn’t very easy to pinpoint – it can vary quite a lot, ranging from about $100,000 to over $300,000 in some cases, especially among surgeons and other high-ranking physicians. The job is also highly demanding in most of its variations, though it also has a lot of bonuses attached to it and can be very rewarding outside of the standard practice.