A plastic and reconstructive surgeon is a type of physician who specializes in reconstructive surgery. Their skills are often used for the purpose of restoring a person’s looks after a heavy incident or operation, or correcting a birth defect, depending on the situation. Additionally, plastic surgeons are commonly hired by people to correct things they don’t like about their looks, most often in the face but also on other parts of the body (such as the breasts for women, for example). Plastic surgeons sometimes work in teams with other professionals.

To get a job as a plastic surgeon, one must go through a Bachelor’s degree and then medical school, as with most other physicians. Additionally, candidates must take up several years of specialization until they’re allowed to actually practice as surgeons, which can additionally add to the demand attached to the educational process, and not everybody manages to pull through with the somewhat heavy learning involved in getting the job.

Plastic surgeons earn very well, which is a common trait of any job related to surgery. In general, the average annual salary for a plastic surgeon would be between $270,000 – $400,000, which depends primarily on the level of expertise of the surgeon as well as their flow of clients (understandably, those with a larger supply of clients can secure a larger salary per year as well, though it also depends on the rates of the surgeon in question).