A primary care physician is a type of physician who’s mostly concerned with the most basic forms of healthcare, ensuring that their patients are protected from disease in a variety of ways in general, and taking care of the most common symptoms of diseases. The job of a primary care physician is to ensure that their patients’ well-being is of high levels in general, and provide them with a good course of treatment in case of a not so serious condition that doesn’t require a specialized physician to treat.

Getting to be a primary care physician is probably one of the simplest tasks in the medical field, as the educational process is probably the simplest one of all the different specializations of physicians. As usual, it begins with a Bachelor’s degree and continues in medical school where the candidate specializes in primary care. Getting hired afterwards is quite easy as the job is a popular one, and can provide a good working field for most of those who practice it, even though it has some downsides commonly pointed out by some people.

A primary care physician earns moderately well, with a salary range mostly in line with the salaries paid to most people in the medical field. In general, it ranges between $120,000 – $150,000, and some primary care physicians are able to earn even more thanks to the various perks of the job and the way it rewards more experienced physicians better. However, it does have some disadvantages as well, such as poor working hours which frequently extend quite a lot.