A psychiatric aide works at a psychiatric clinic or another place that takes care of mentally ill patients, providing basic care for them and ensuring their well-being. A psychiatric aide is commonly referred to as a mental health assistant or nurse, and they’re employed under the direct supervision of the medical team that works in that mental health institution. Psychiatric aides commonly provide assistance to other members of the staff, such as the psychiatrists and psychologists, aiding them in their duties as best as possible.

Becoming a psychiatric aide doesn’t take any specific education, and the job can be usually acquired by just having the right personal qualifications for it. These can include an attentive and caring personality, the ability to work with patients with special needs, as well as calm manners in order to not disrupt the facility. Psychiatric aides would typically be required to have worked a few years in a mental health institution or regular clinic in order to ensure they’re familiar with the environment in general.

A psychiatric aide is usually paid between $20,000 – $30,000 a year. Since the job doesn’t hold any high educational or personal requirements, it also doesn’t earn that well compared to some other jobs in the same field – though on the other hand, it can be the perfect stepping stone towards better employment in the same field for candidates who know how to play their cards right.