A radiology technician works at a hospital or clinic’s radiology department, and provides technical assistance in the operation of the equipment used there. Radiologic technicians usually work alone, though some larger hospitals with accordingly large radiology departments may have their radiologic technicians working in teams of several employees in order to ensure a faster and more efficient working process. Radiologic technicians are tasked with some common duties like taking scans and other readings from patients, and adjusting the machine’s specifications when needed.

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Even though a high school diploma is the only degree required to get the job, it still requires candidates to go through an educational course specifically designed for the job, which can be quite long and demanding in some cases. Radiologic technicians also often work with patients directly, so they need to have a friendly personality and the ability to explain their procedures in a reassuring manner, in order to help calm nervous patients down before a procedure.

The job of a radiologic technician is a moderately well-paying one, with an average annual salary of between $30,000 – $50,000. The job has some good conditions attached to it as well, like flexible working hours and access to a large number of facilities and services at the hospital. Also, it has high health bonuses attached to it (understandably) and usually offers plenty of potential for further career development, all in all making it a great choice of career.