A radiologic technologist’s job is similar to that of a radiologic technician, though technologists are more closely concerned with the actual execution of tests and scans on the patients. A radiologic technologist is the one taking X-ray photos of patients when they’re required by a physician, and additionally performing other, more complicated tests on patients that are sent to the radiology department. Additionally, a radiologic technologist must sometimes perform basic maintenance work on the equipment they work with.

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Becoming a radiologic technologist doesn’t require a high degree of education, but it does require some knowledge which can only be attained in educational courses specifically designed for the job. Candidates who pass these courses successfully are given a license allowing them to practice the job, and most radiologic technologists are able to easily find further employment after building up some working time at a particular hospital.

As a radiologic technologist, one can earn between $40,000 – $53,000, depending primarily on the location of their employment. Those who work extra long working hours usually see great compensation in their pay checks as well, though it’s also not uncommon for hospitals to try and overwork their radiologic technologists in situations that require more manpower dedicated to operating the hospital’s facilities. In general, it’s a balanced job with regards to how much it pays versus how much effort it takes – though it’s a common notion that it could be better in most cases.